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Our Story

Where it began

When this company was founded by our group of partners, we knew it was going to be a great company! The days that came after all those months of planning, vision casting, and vision implementation were absolutely amazing as the vision manifested in our eyes and unfolded before us. Now, we are poised to even go higher and greater as we provide necessary solutions for problems facing leaders, entrepreneurs, companies, and a variety of other platforms that use our services everyday.

Whatever your needs are, we are here to assist you in providing the answers or directions that you may seek. Whether you are in need of coaching that will assist you by increasing your potential and maximizing your performance; or you need assistance in realizing your visual arts goals through graphic design, social media management, video ad creation, or you need qualified workers for your companies; our spectrum of services will provide you with the answers you need.
So go ahead and give us a call, we are ready to serve you!

Our Services

How we can help you

Our company specializes in Web development, Mobile development, Product Designing, Consultation, Coaching, Human Resource Management, Staff Training, Organizational Development, Forex Training, Social Media Management, Video Commercials, Graphic Designing and Branding. We work with clients from all over the world, and the sectors we most often serve are FinTech and media & entertainment, Corporations, Finance & Banking and Healthcare. We cover the backend, frontend, and mobile side of their application using the most innovative tech stacks. We always choose the best frameworks possible to meet clients’ business goals and satisfy their user’s expectations.

Providing in-depth training for business and staff growth is one of our major hallmarks.


Our Core Values


Everything starts and ends with correct and smooth communication.


As a team, we motivate ourselves to maintain the involvement at the same constant level.


We know that we can always count on each other in any life or business situation.


We’re always looking for something that we can improve and change.

Openess To Changes

The world and technologies are changing, and we’re open to new things.


We are transparent. We highly value honesty and respect.

Open Discussion

Our discussions will always result in making decisions respecting your own opinion.


Each of us is responsible for our own work and the development of the company.

Maturity for Quality

We are transparent. We highly value honesty and respect.

Meet the team

“Embrace the Tapestry of Brilliance: Where Visionaries, Innovators, and Experts Converge, Weaving a Narrative of Collective Excellence. With Each Individual’s Unique Talents, We Build a Resilient Foundation, Fueled by Collaboration, Trust, and Mutual Respect.

Dr. Damion S.C. Bennett

Chairman of the Board of Directors

George Addison

Board Member & Business Consultant 

Brian Lamont

Board Member & International Sales Director

Edwin Langmer

Board Member & Business Compliance Officer

Donald Uzuegbu

Forex Trading Specialist

Precious Chukwudi

Social Media Management Director

Safana Kannyiri

Full Stack Developer

Musa Osman

Full Stack Developer

Eric Gyamfi

UI/UX Designer

Ofori-Bosompem Solomon

Financial Officer

Elwyn Abaloo

Administrative Assistant



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Bishop Damion Bennett

CEO of Box Breaker Global

Box Breaker Global

12 Central Street Ajringanor, East-Legon
+233 20 843 0523 (Ghana)
+1 334 409 1422 (USA)